Advantages of our Pumpout System

With the increasing number of boats using our waterways, pump out service is becoming a necessary customer service. Boat owners and marina owners appreciate our pumps because they are clean, odourless, efficient and easy to use. Waubaushene Pump Out Systems replace outdated rotary and diaphragm pumps that are difficult to prime and jam easily.The new concept for pumping is the multi-servicing of boats and our pumps are built specifically for this.

Not sensitive

No moving part of the pump is in contact with effluent, thus not sensitive to solid particles

Remote stands helps in moving the pump system

Remote stands offer the possibility to moving the pumpout system away from the dock to almost any location in the marina.

Unique Design

Motorised 4 wheel drive portable unit available

High Efficiency

Highest efficiency - high flow rate at low motor power (eg 75 Ltrs per min with 1/4 Hp motor)

Multiple remote stands and high discharge head

High suction lift and discharge head (with special design up to 37 Mtrs discharge head)and multiple remote stands (vacuum points) can be severed with only one pumpout system

High Reliability

No clogs No priming - ever Highest reliability


7 year Warranty on tank, 1 year warranty on pumps, electric motors and components

Several Vaccum points

Capable of several vacuum points at each berth Coin/token boxes, bill validators, card readers etc. available